Straight From The Heart

Experimental Canada 2017 English 0:03:00

Straight from the Heart explores body language and its ability to convey or conceal meaning. In it, the artist mimics the gestures of a character from a Hallmark movie juxtaposed with pristine shots of nature. Poet and astrologer, Ariana Reines, succinctly articulates the contradiction generated, writing, “…the inadequacy of this / Moment where I can be seen / Seeming complete as a photograph is finished and hides / Everything, well not everything but so / Much of what I meant the moment it was taken” (Reines, Ariana. Mercury, Fence Books, 2011.)

Kathy L. is a part-time bookseller and artist who lives in Montreal. Her image and text based work has been featured in various publications, while her video work has been included in festivals such as Vidéos de femmes dans le parc, Art Pop Montreal, and SOIR (Galerie Galerie).