Sophie’s Letter

Fiction Quebec 2015 English 0:09:24

Sophie suffers profoundly. In order to relieve this pain, she writes a letter to confront her abusive father. While writing the letter, she realizes that she always desired her father’s love and his acceptance, which she will never obtain. Finally, she understands that she has to love and accept herself to get ride of her depression. After sending her letter, she meets the little girl inside her. At last, she is at peace with herself.

Zhi-Min Hu, a Montreal-based Chinese-origin filmmaker, has directed numerous short films since 2001, including fiction, experimental, and documentaries. Several of her films have been exhibited in international film festivals. After graduating from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University (Film Production), she gained a wide breadth of experience in directing, editing, and cinematography through her involvement in diverse film and video productions. Ms. Hu has established a unique signature in her fields that encompasses a combination of realism and surrealism. She is fascinated by stories that explore human nature, psychology, and social aspects.

Cinéaste d’origine chinoise basée à Montréal, Zhi-Min Hu a réalisé plusieurs courts métrages incluant des fictions, des films expérimentaux et des documentaires. Après un diplôme de l’École de cinéma Mel Hoppenheim de l’Université Concordia (production cinématographique), elle a acquis une vaste gamme d’expériences en réalisation et montage en s’impliquant dans de nombreuses productions de films et vidéos. Elle est fascinée par les histoires qui explorent la nature humaine, la psychologie et les aspects sociaux. Sa signature, une combinaison de réalisme et de surréalisme, est unique. Ses oeuvres ont été présentées dans plusieurs festivals internationaux