Something’s Been Answered

Experimental Quebec 2011 English 0:08:48

Something’s Been Answered presents an artist character dislocated in a remote village in Turkey. The isolation provokes an intense questioning about her presence, creative production and the impossibility to connect with the environment. The video is shot at night from above looking into a narrow alley. It consists of the “cut-up” of a single long shot of an unscripted monologue that was re-edited backwards. The character seems to resist being in the space; as she appears and disappears, her discourse is heard backwards and she seems to be going back in time.


Something’s Been Answered présente le personnage d’une artiste se trouvant dans un village isolé en Turquie. L’isolement provoque un questionnement intense sur sa présence, la production créative et l’impossibilité de se connecter avec l’environnement.