Documentary Canada/Inde 2016 English/Hindi with English Subtitles 0:45:13

Sangini, a shelter for lesbian, bisexual and trans-identified people in Delhi, was founded by Betu Singh and run by her with her partner, Maya Shanker. Dedicated to Betu, who passed away on Oct. 4, 2013, and to her partner Maya, the film documents their courageous work and tells the stories of people who sought sanctuary at Sangini. Fleeing family imposed restrictions, violence or pressure to get married, a young woman, a trans man, and a lesbian couple recount their stories, their struggle to assert their civil rights, and their hopes for the future.

Nancy Nicol (Professor Emeritus, York University) is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work examines human rights, social justice and struggles for social change. Nicol’s research, writing and creative projects include video art and documentary as well as scholarly publications covering LGBTIQ+ human rights and social movements in various countries including Canada, the US, India and Uganda.