Of The Roof

Experimental Poland 2012 Latin 0:03:53

The video was recorded in Nowy Korczyn where Saint Kinga used to live with her husband. It is marked by the opening scene of sunrise and a closing scene of sunset shot from the roof of the Franciscan church built nearby Kinga’s Palace (non existent). A fragment recited in Latin comes from the Vita Beatae Kunegunis written by the acclaimed Polish historian, Jan Dlugosz, who describes how the Princess Kinga used to sneak out, barefoot, of her palace during the night to run to a nearby church to pray. I walk around Nowy Korczyn and videotape my feet tracing the real and ghostly places where my Patron used to live and walk. 
Latin excerpt from Jan Dlugosz biography of Saint Kinga, Vita Beatae Kunegunis (1471-1474)