Nostalgia For My Pier

Experimental/documentary Canada/Colombia 2018 Spanish/English subtitles 0:12:22

Mixing contemporary footage of the Caribbean coast of Colombia and scenes from the 1970s documentary series People and Places, shot by Jaques Madvo in Lebanon and the West Bank, the film explores the migration of Palestinians to Colombia in the early 20th century.
Over three sections, the film creates echoes between people and events of different periods and places that nevertheless have historical resonance. An Afro-Colombian woman preparing Arab food in Barranquilla, Colombia is juxtaposed with footage of a dinner celebration in Lebanon. A Colombian/Arab pop star is seen on TV in a Colombian/Palestinian restaurant. A mother of pearl workshop builds on the disappearing tradition of Christian iconography of Palestine. Traditions from a place of memory are transformed and given a new trajectory in this new place.

Julieta Maria is Toronto based media artist with an MFA from York University. She works primarily with single channel video and video installations. She has participated in several international exhibitions, including Museo Banco de la Republica (Colombia) (2016), Asuncion Biennial, Paraguay (2015), MUU Performance Voyage 5 (2015), Artist VIllage Taipei (2014), Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, Montevideo (2013), among others.