Experimental Canada 2017 English 0:11:50

The end of life comes for one half of a long term love relationship. “Leavings” is about the last sacred moments alone together before authorities, family and friends learn of the death. It portrays a tender offering that begins to deal with the messy remains of a vessel so well-known as to have been studied intimately.

Beverley Hawksley is a self-taught multimedia artist. Primarily a painter of bold visceral images, she also writes poetry, creates sculpture, textile, installation and performance works. “Subplot” is a mythical theatre piece with actors depicting aspects of the creative process. “Leavings” is her first motion picture. Her subject matter considers our most basic wild selves: the forces that shape us and the ongoing tension between what we know in our cells and what we wear on our skin. For over twenty years Beverley has been exhibiting in solo and group shows. She is represented by Galerie Bloom in Vieux-Montreal.