Animation Canada 2011 No dialogue 0:01:19

A found driving sequence is animated with multiple desktop wallpapers, all of which feature surreal vistas of intensely green grass and blue skies.

 / Une séquence de conduite automobile trouvée sur internet est animée avec de multiples fonds d’écran, tous montrant des horizons surréalistes où l’herbe est d’un vert intense et le ciel d’un bleu vif.

Works primarily with video. After receiving a BA in Art History from the University of Pittsburgh, Hawkins now resides in Montreal, QC where she completed an MFA at Concordia University. Her most recent works employ genres and examples from art history and current internet culture as a framework through which to sift, collect, and collage online-sourced and original images. She has exhibited her work as a part of the UCLA New Wight Biennial in Los Angeles, as well as at the AC institute in New York, the Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Center in Sackville, New Brunswick, and at InterAccess in Toronto, ON.