Ketchup & Soya Sauce Credit

Documentary Canada 2019 English 1:03:00

A documentary revealing the nuances of mixed relationships between first-generation Chinese-Canadians while exploring historical taboos and criminalization of interracial relations in Canada. We follow 5 couples as they contend with communication challenges, relationships with extended family, differing food habits, financial conflict, interpretation of intimacy, and how their relationships were shaped by the history of mixed relationships in Canada since the 1930’s.

ZhiMin Hu, a Chinese-origin filmmaker is fascinated by stories that explore human nature, psychology, and social aspects. Following her graduation from Concordia University (Film Production) in 2006, ZhiMin sharpened her skills as writer, producer, director, and editor responsible for numerous film productions including, short fictions, TV documentary series, and documentaries. She has demonstrated great success working with non-actors and children as well as professional actors.

ZhiMin Hu, une réalisatrice d’origine chinoise, est fascinée par les histoires qui explorent la nature humaine, la psychologie et les aspects sociaux. Elle a fait preuve d’un grand succès en dirigeant des non-acteurs et des enfants. La combinaison de styles réalistes et surréalistes deviennent sa signature unique. Elle évolue constamment en incorporant les éléments de la fiction, du film expérimental et du documentaire.