Forest Hymn For Little Girls

Documentary  USA     2019    English 1:13:00

A year-long documentary featuring ten young girls as they encounter the wild woodland before it fades along with their childhoods. Directed by Sara Bonaventura, in collaboration with Raintree Foundation and funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Forest Hymn for Little Girls invites you to follow the exploits, struggles and daring feats of young girls under the age of six as they take to the woodland.
This documentary will remind the world of the power of wild spaces in young girls’ lives.

Sara Bonaventura is an Italian visual artist and educator. She works at the intersection between visual and media arts, lens based and new media. Her video works have been screened worldwide; at the NYC Anthology Film Archives, Other Cinema at San Francisco ATA Gallery, at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Miami New Media Festival, at Rome MACRO Museum, the Cinemateca do MAM in Rio for Dobra Festival, the Boston Cyber Arts Gallery and more. She won the Veneto Region Award at the 10th LFF and a merit for the Sino per NIIO Illumination Art Prizes. The artist participated in several residencies.

Sara Bonaventura est une artiste visuelle et éducatrice italienne. Elle travaille à l’intersection des arts visuels et médiatiques, de la vidéo et des nouveaux médias. Ses œuvres vidéo ont été projetées dans le monde entier; aux NYC Anthology Film Archives, Other Cinema à San Francisco ATA Gallery, au Ann Arbor Film Festival, au Miami New Media Festival, au Rome MACRO Museum, à la Cinemateca do MAM à Rio pour le Dobra Festival, à la Boston Cyber Arts Gallery et plus encore . Elle a remporté le Veneto Region Award lors du 10e LFF et un mérite pour les prix Sino per NIIO Illumination Art; elle a été sélectionnée pour plusieurs résidences, par Joan Jonas de la Fundacion Botin