Foodgasm #1

Experimental Germany 2018 English 0:01:10

What do you feel when you eat and where? What’s the taste of food in times of mass consumption or agricultural biotechnology? Can you take a moment to sense what you are and become when nourishing your system, that is continuously transforming?

foodgasm is influenced by my personal research on the relation between feminism and ecology. I want to think about what we eat and what we sense, to open up for talking about feelings of sensual interaction. foodgasm is an ongoing work in process.

Florence Freitag (b.1987) is a Berlin based performance & video artist, writer & facilitator, working in close relationship to moving bodies, cameras & sounds. she studied cultural media-science/media-philosophy (bauhaus weimar), cinema/image practice (Ruhr University Bochum/Sorbonne nouvelle Paris) and dance (cnd le mans/lyon a.o.). her videos have been shown in festivals nationally and internationally. since 2016 she works as a freelance camera woman and in the same year initiated the collective transatlanticbirdscrew (tbc) together with Camille Käse. in 2017 she was founding member of the Berlin based arts collective le salon, a project space for artist talks, exchange and dialogue and since 2019 is part of the queer feminist collective of altes finanzamt in Neukölln, Berlin.