Documentary Quebec Mali 2010 Bambara English subtitles français 0:58:00

21 adolescent Malians chosen for their intelligence and curiosity traverse the Ségou region in a van. Workers accompany them from an association that protests against female genital mutilation. During screenings, discussions and a few downtime activities, they face off against political and spiritual authorities but still find the courage to denounce excision, a practice that affects 90% of Malian women. Back home, the young people will continue to be important to the cause.


Erica Pomerance has directed, written and produced various documentaries. Her most recent productions features works such as: LE PACTE, codirected with Yvon Dubé that deals with suicide amongst Aboriginal youth; MIROIR EN FACE, that documents a cultural exchange trip that was organized with young Cris in Mali (2005); DABLA! EXCISION, a documentary about excision (2003). She has also directed a few episodes from the TSHINANU and FINDING OUR TALK (2000-2004) series. Erica has founded and is coordinating Initiative Taling Dialo, which wants to implement structures of internship and initation in various fields of audiovisual. She is also a member of Conseil des Arts de Montréal and a founding member of Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal.

Erica Pomerance travaille comme réalisatrice, scénariste et productrice en cinéma documentaire. Parmi ses productions récentes : Le Pacte, qui traite du suicide chez les jeunes Autochtones, coréalisé avec Yvon Dubé; Miroir en face, qui documente un voyage d’échange culturel de jeunes Cris au Mali (2005); DABLA! EXCISION, documentaire acclamé sur la mutilation génitale féminine (2003). Elle réalise également plusieurs épisodes des séries TSHINANU et FINDING OUR TALK (2000-2004). Erica est la fondatrice-coordonnatrice de l’Initiative Taling Dialo, une structure qui offre des stages d’initiation en audiovisuel. Membre du Conseil des Arts de Montréal, et membre fondateur des Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal.