expérimental Canada 2014 français/English subtitles 0:15:00

When filmmaker Carol Fernandes was only 9 years old, her mother lost a long battle against HIV/AIDS. Through mise en scene and her own childhood memories, Carol Fernandes (with the collaboration of Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr) tries to recreate the reassuring figure of the mother for a fleeting moment. By jumping into dangerous memories, Box reveals the incandescent relationship between mother and daughter. 

Born in Brazil, Carol Fernandes is a Montreal based filmmaker working in projects ranging from short films, music videos and commercial work.
She has a BFA in Film Production from Concordia University, where she had the opportunity to work on her personal projects directing 3 short films: the 16mm short film My Burial, the digital short film Box, and the super 16mm short film SKYE, awarded a De Seve Production Grant for its excellence in mise-en-scène and selected as one of The Best of The Fest of the 41st Concordia Film Festival in 2013.
She likes to challenge and explore the concept of memory and its connection with time and space in her work. Fernandes often recreates her own memories and plays with the thin line that separates real memories from interpretations of reality.