A Velocity Of Empathy

Experimental Canada 2016 English/Korean Texts 0:11:19

There was a ferry. The ferry is sinking into the imagery world. It was a tragedy for both the reality and the virtuality. The hands appear and reach to the imagery of its disappearance.
The memory of the ferry or the image of the ferry abruptly comes to the present temporality as a dissolving memory itself, yet as a memory that is being mediated through the present axis with the hands recalling the memory.

Ivetta Sunyoung Kang is a filmmaker and visual artist recently based in Montreal, Canada, and originally born in Seoul, South Korea. She has achieved her MFA degree at MFA program, Film Production Concentration at Concordia University.
She has been interested in creating ruptured non-linear narratives achieved through its audiences’ imagination to communicate themselves with poetic audiovisuals created by her as an artist. She captures everyday images and sounds in low-fi quality. She has been working on a visual method of superimposing images that are variously projected and layered as well as stimulated by a way of visually improvisation performance.