Experimental Canada 2020 français/English subtitles  0:01:00

Le temps de la COVID19 et du racisme anti-chinois lié à cette pandémie, se traduit ici par cette performance d’une minute en live zoom organisée par Coral Short et Winnie Ho. Sur fond d’un reportage trottoir demandant aux Français s’ils sont racistes, je mets un masque pour cacher mon visage asiatique.

In the time of COVID19, Coral Short & Winnie Ho (performers) invited artists to do 1-minute performances on Zoom. It was a gesture to connect with and offer self-care to artists around the world. My contribution was to document my performance. After applying white moisturizing cream, I placed a 22 cm Vietnamese rice paper sheet (previously soaked in water) on my face. This was done to hide my Asian face. I also added a medical mask until the end. The soundtrack is an edited voice off of a documentary made by INA (france) title ‘Are the French Racist?’ (1961).