Where We Were Not Part I: Feeling Reserved, Alexus’ Story

Documentary Animation Quebec 2011 English / sous-titres français disponible 0:06:00

This is the first part of a four part experimental animated documentary I am working on about criminalization in Canada. Having worked for the past five years on art projects with marginalized and criminalized women. I wanted to find ways to build on these relationships, while offering an opportunity for sharing their often poignant stories and insights.

Each participant was asked if they had any stories they would be interested in sharing about conflicts with the law or criminalization. I would later create an animation to accompany their story. They would also take part in this process by having discussions with me regarding symbolism, representation and consent. Many women find creative ways to survive. These stories illuminate the strength and courage these women show as well as the oppressive conditions that define them.

Première partie d’un documentaire expérimental animé en quatre parties sur la criminalisation au Canada. Pendant les cinq dernières années, Jessica MacCormack a travaillé sur des projets artistiques avec des femmes marginalisées et criminalisées. Elle a demandé aux participantes si elles avaient des histoires qu’elles aimeraient partager au sujet de la criminalisation ou de conflits avec la loi. Beaucoup de femmes trouvent des moyens créatifs pour survivre. Ces histoires éclairent la force et le courage que ces femmes démontrent ainsi que les conditions oppressives qui les définissent.