We Don’t Want To Marry

Experimental Canada 2013 English 0:02:14

These friends have baked up a sweet and scrumptious visual creation in opposition to the new trend of gays rushing to the altar. Nehls does unspeakably delicious things to a giant wedding cake while the New York City Drag March chants in agreement and encouragement in the background. This film celebrates the lack of desire to marry as well as the continuation of living rich queer lives full of many forms of enticing platonic and sexual kinship that have never needed any government approval.

Coral Short was born on a beautiful island off the west coast of Canada and was raised by a lively river in the countryside where her eccentric family lived off the land. She spends a fair amount of time dispersing her magic around the globe – in the air, on railroad tracks and highways all the while curating and doing artist residencies. Coral has lived and created art in Asia, North America, and Europe for the last 15 years. She has many beloved people, communities, and locations that she calls home. Short and her countless projects move at the speed of light; ironically she is the most still when she travels.

Coral Short est une artiste prolifique en performance, son et vidéo. Humour, fantaisie et transformation sont des composantes intégrales de sa pratique. Son travail comble le fossé entre le nightlife et les beaux-arts, en mobilisant l’imaginaire collectif de ces communautésENTITÉS?. Son travail contribue à cartographier le pouvoir et l’identité de la nouvelle génération queer. Elle réside actuellement à Montréal et New York.