Walking Tamiani Trail

Installation USA/Poland 2012 No dialogue 0:50:40

There are two videos played simultaneously, side by side. On one screen there is an edited recording of me walking the main street of Florida called Tamiami Trail. I record the entire walk while holding a camera in my bag and in my hands. The image is very shaky and is slowed down. On the other screen there are smoothly dissolving photographs taken by me of the Florida flowers, trees, houses, shops, diverse road and residential signs. The video documents a performance I did walking over 50 km from sunrise to sunset in June 2010 through the city of Sarasota, Florida. I walked over 13 hours in terrible heat and 98% humidity. It was a symbolic farewell to Sarasota, the city where I lived for two years before I moved to Rome, Italy. It was the most exhausting and ritual-based walking performance to date.