Experimental Canada 2002 English 0:02:54

Unknown is a visual exploration of the self through video. It is a physical and emotional investigation that uses the camera as a mirror to attempt to access and understand the mystery of being alive. Subtly and desperately at times, the video touches on issues like feminine identity, death and the unconscious. It is filled with visceral reflections that cannot provide any answers, but are doomed to follow a circular path with no resolution.

Julieta Maria is a Toronto based media artist with an MFA from York University. She works primarily with single channel video and video installations. She has participated in several international exhibitions, including Museo Banco de la Republica (Colombia) (2016), Asuncion Biennial, Paraguay (2015), MUU Performance Voyage 5 (2015), Artist VIllage Taipei (2014), Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, Montevideo (2013), among others.