Tape #158: Document 2b

Experimental Canada 2011 Mennonite Plaut’dietsch Russian German – with non-translating subtitles in English 0:07:03

The result of a collaboration between artists Nahed Mansour and Kandis Friesen, this work is based on the original footage from an unrealized documentary found at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives in Winnipeg Manitoba. Engaging found footage as a kind of abstract architecture of remembering, the video fuses the untranslated and unedited footage with an imagined subtitled dialogue, challenging notions of authenticity, authorship, and collective memory so intertwined with conventional documentary-making.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kandis Friesen is an interdisciplinary artist based in Montreal, since 2000. Working with sound, video, drawing, and installation, her practice looks at language and translation, sites of national and cultural identity, and the functionings of memory and the collective archive. Her work has been shown across Canada and internationally, and some of her video works are distributed by Groupe Intervention Vidéo. Among many projects, she is currently working on the Mennonite Video Archive Project, a collaborative collection of work responding to unedited and untranslated footage of a documentary that was never completed, found on the dark shelves of a Mennonite archive in the summer of 2010. Friesen holds a BFA from Concordia University, and recently won the Images Festival’s Steam Whistle Homebrew Award for the collaborative video Tape #158: Document 2B with Toronto-based artist Nahed Mansour.

Kandis Friesen est une artiste interdisciplinaire et musicienne montréalaise. Elle privilégie le travail avec le son, la vidéo, l’animation, le dessin, l’électronique et l’installation. Ses projets artistiques explorent les notions de migration, de traduction, de mémoire et d’archives collectives. Nombre de ses explorations vidéographiques sont des documentaires expérimentaux abstraits qui remettent en question l’Histoire et son omniscience catégorique, tout en s’immisçant dans les strates et le chaos propres à la mémoire et au récit collectif. La création d’espaces qui favorisent le partage de compétences et la production artistique – dans le cadre d’ateliers participatifs ou de projets collaboratifs – fait partie intégrante de son travail artistique et communautaire. Née à Winnipeg en 1978, Kandis Friesen vit à Montréal depuis l’an 2000. Elle termine présentement un diplôme en arts visuels/intermédia à l’Université Concordia.