search > geography > erasure > affect

Essay Canada 2011 English 0:55:10

search>geography>erasure>affect is an experimental video essay, an investigation into the history of the land and cultures of Southwestern Ontario. Three military bases in the area (Clinton, Centralia and Ipperwash) have left legacies that continue to influence the lives, society, culture, and environment in the region. The history of representational technologies and frameworks intersects with personal histories and community stories. Within notions of ‘home’, issues of displacement, colonization, social erasure, and the interconnectedness of narratives, places, histories, people… a search for relations that have been elided or erased.


Rebecca Garrett is a Toronto based artist whose use of media is situation specific. Her community based video projects and experimental videos and installations have been exhibited and/or screened at numerous venues in Canada and abroad for three decades.