Salty Feet: Passeggiate Romane

Experimental Italy 2012 English 0:29:00

The video is based on a walking performance in ten places in Rome, marked by cultural and personal memory related to exile, immigration, and cultural displacement. English narration, written and spoken by me, recounts the events related to each place. I walk while carrying on my neck a pair of two feet sculpted in salt (each about 3 kg), connected with the metal chain. I was inspired by a popular medieval punishment of women who had to walk in public places carrying heavy stones. Saint Kinga (a foreigner who came to Poland in the thirteenth century) is a Patron of salt and this is one of the reasons why I sculpted my “feet” in salt thus connecting the immigrant histories of two Kingas.
1.Capitoline Museum (Prima Passeggiata)
2.Former Refuge Camp (Seconda Passeggiata)
1.Stanislaus Church (Terza Passeggiata)
1.Nostra Sig. Di Lourdes (Quarta Passeggiata)