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Pythia was the oracle at Apollo’s temple in Delphi in ancient Greece. She was The Pythia, known as the Oracle of Delphi, and was celebrated as the priestess of the Temple of Apollo. One of the fundamental requirements for the Pythia position was that the woman serving as the Pythia, would be at least 50 years of age. Given that the Delphi oracle was the most authoritative oracle among the Greeks, she was a powerful woman in the classical world.

Tova Beck-Friedman is an artist, filmmaker, curator and writer. Her work has been shown internationally in festivals, museums, galleries and on television including: The International Artists’ Museum, at the 50th Venice Biennale; The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC; New Jersey State Museum; Yeshiva University Museum in New York; The Jerusalem Cinematheque; The Newark Museum; The Norwegian Short Film Festival@ Grimstad; International Film Festival Detmold, Germany and Pärnu International Film Festival, Estonia.

Her film AT THE ALTAR OF HER MEMORIES was broadcast on Israeli Television and A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS AN OLD(ER) WOMAN on US PBS stations. Her film DON’T ASK won first prize on Reel/13 and was broadcast on NY Thirteen/WNET.

Tova Beck-Friedman est une artiste, cinéaste, curatrice et écrivaine. Ses œuvres sont exposées à l’international dans des festivals, musées, galeries et à la télévision, y compris : The International Artists’ Museum, la 50e biennale de Venise; The National Museum of Women in the Arts, à Washington DC; Le Musée de l’État du New-Jersey; Le Musée de l’Université Yeshiva à New York; la Cinémathèque de Jérusalem; le Musée de Newark; le Festival norvégien du court-métrage de Grimstad ; le Festival International du Film de Detmold, en Allemagne et le Festival International du Film de Pärnu, en Estonie.

Son film L’AUTEL DE SES MEMOIRES (AT THE ALTAR OF HER MEMORIES) a été diffusé à la télévision israélienne et LE PORTRAIT DE L’ARTISTE EN FEMME (PLUS) ÂGEE (A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS AN OLD(ER) WOMAN) sur les stations américaines PBS. Le film NE DEMANDE PAS (DON’T ASK) a remporté le premier prix au Reel/13 et a été diffusé sur NY Thirteen/WNET.