Fiction Spain 2010 Spanish English subtitles 0:03:25

The work was made in Mataró, Catalunya and is a mise en scéne of research on the local perception of gypsy groups. It is a re-enactment of opinions provided by interviews made with inhabitants of the city about the gypsy communities. The video was made in collaboration with cultural agents (artists, actors, theorists) who improvise upon the selected texts, giving an account of irreconcilable viewpoints. The video was shot inside the public construction by artist Tadashi Kawamata, known as “Chiringuito de Mataró” in the courtyard of Can Xalant Art Center. Polígono reflects a complex issue.


Santiago, Chile, 1974. Degree in Fine Arts and a Master´s in Visual Arts. 
Among her fields of interest are: gender, latin-american identity and migration. She works with video as installations, documentation and fiction.