Life Of Being Wild

Animation USA 2015 English 0:03:20

Life of Being Wild (2015) tells the story of a young Chinese woman’s childhood memory. Living in tropical Hainan island far away from her parents, a mishap at the Waterfront Park Zoo changes life as she knew it

Qihui Wu is from Guangzhou, China and she speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Hunan dialects. Specialized in Communication and Cinema studies, she has recently completed graduate studies in Documentary Filmmaking at Northwestern University. Utilizing long takes, Qihui has faith in sculpting real time in her films. Growing up in a diasporic family, her works, Chosen People (2016), Ma & Bati (2015), and Retired Workers (2014), explore the complex relationships between diasporas and their imagined “homeland”; identity and performance; as well as history and memory.