Le mare

Experimental Canada 2014 No dialogue 0:02:42

Inspired by the Scandinavian folk-tale of “The Mare” wherein it is a possessed woman who haunts our dreams, Le Mare is an experimental exploration into the liquid realm of the subconscious and nightmares.

 / Inspirée d’un conte folklorique scandinave racontant l’histoire d’une femme possédée qui hante les rêves, Le Mare est une exploration expérimentale d’un univers aquatique évoquant le subconscient et les cauchemars.

Originally from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Anastasia moved to Montreal in 2009. In 2011 she was accepted into Concordia’s Mel Hoppenheim Schoolof Cinema, where she completed her BFA in Film Production and Studio Arts.
Anastasia’s practice and studies consist of: installation based projections, inter-media and new media practices, as well as experimental and video art based approaches. The main focus of Anastasia’s practice is the idea and application of immersive experiences. As such, her practice contains a strong emphasis on: sensorial experiences, magical experiences, and experiences of altered realities or states.