Just Being

Essay Canada 2017 English 0:05:33

All night, Antouka had been thinking about death and dying. Fourteen years into cancer and some years into writing about that experience, Verena Stefan met Lorna Boschmann through the Cancer Margin project. They teamed up to translate into video what Verena had envisioned as a writer and visual artist. Antouka, the writer’s alter ego, takes an irreverent and philosophical look at everyday transformations, her lesbian love of 20 years and the question of the afterlife.

Lorna Boschman lives and works in Vancouver. An extremely prolific and versatile video artist and film maker since 1984. Works on marginalised bodies. Also a very active member of Video in Vancouver.Independent producer. Curates touring video programs with other artists.
Lorna Boschman recently directed THIS ABILITY, a National Film Board documentary that grew out of a community-based media program for adults with cognitive disabilities. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University in Surrey BC, conducting research into novice directors who use digital media to communicate. Episodes of her collaborative cooking show, Jill & Lorna’s Kitchen are on YouTube at http://youtube.com/user/JillandLornasKitchen.