Experimental Simple Channel Spain USA 2004 No dialogue/No sound 0:12:00

A 12-minute reverse pan across five circular sites shot in Cartagena, Spain. The edited video for Icarus consists of a reverse pan – an impossible re-turn or a “temporal wipe” — across five circular sites shot in Cartagena, each stitched of patches, spatial and temporal, of the city’s urban landscape. The act of weaving in and out of scenes and of moments betrays unseen cracks into which various characters slide, in which they converge, or disappear. The landscape thus peels off and unfolds, turning back but never arriving at some intact moment of aspiration and of origin.

Tirtza Even was born in Jerusalem. She has been a practicing video artist and documentary maker for over fifteen years. Her work has appeared at the Museum of Modern Art, NY, at the Whitney Biennial, the Johannesburg Biennial, as well as in many other festivals, galleries and museums in the United States, Israel and Europe, and has been purchased for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (NY), the Jewish Museum (NY), the Israel Museum (Jerusalem), among others. Currently an Associate Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.