Dance video Canada 2012 English 0:11:10

Separated by four sections, this dance film embraces the unpolished aesthetic of contact- printed color film stock and various re-photographic techniques such as reversal color film stock, homemade filters and light manipulations.

Sonya Stefan is a media artist who creates interdisciplinary work using real-time electronic glitchery, High8 video cameras and 16mm film. She is interested in deterioration using damaged materials of all kinds, from broken video mixers, disintegrated found footage film to glitched television screens and transforms these materials into contemporary new media works. She is co-founder of La Lumière, a Montreal-based micro-cinema and co-curator of Ibrida*Pluri, an Eastern Bloc co-production that pairs dance, visual and sound artists together under the same platform. She has performed her work at Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal within the electronic music festival MUTEK (CA) and has screened at Festival Oodaaq (FR), Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (RO), Musée de beaux-arts de Rennes (FR) and many other festivals across Europe and Canada.