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The Chosen series celebrates the talents of several Hollywood actresses who became ridiculously famous at a ridiculously young age. Once chosen, their lives are never the same. The actresses speak for themselves through quotes from their interviews or films offering a glimpse into their realities and the environments and eras that have shaped them.

In the first instalment of the series, Lindsay Lohan describes her passion for acting, her dreams for the future and explains her philosophy of life.

Jackie Gallant is a musician, performer and video artist who composes, improvises and performs for dance, video and film. She began her musical career as a drummer for several Montreal rock groups. Since then she’s played drums and percussion and toured internationally with everyone from La La La Human Steps to Lesbians on Ecstasy. As a solo artist, she creates sound pieces and performs sample based improvised work primarily using electronic drums. In recent years she has collaborated with performance artist Dayna McLeod, choreographers George Stamos, Julienne Doko, dancers Sarah Williams and Karen Fennell, video artist Sabrina Ratté and actress/director Marie Brassard among others

Jackie Gallant est une musicienne, interprète et vidéaste qui compose, improvise et joue pour la danse, pour vidéos et film. Elle a débuté sa carrièrecomme batteuse dans divers groupes de rock. Depuis, elle a fait des tournées internationales avec La La La Human Steps et Lesbians on Ecstasy entre autres. Jackie poursuit par ailleurs une carrière solo. Dans ses concerts, elle propose des morceaux improvisés dans lesquels elle utilise des boucles créée avec des batteries électroniques et autres instruments. Récemment elle a collaborée avec l’artiste Dayna McLeod, les chorégraphes George Stamos et Julienne Doko, danseurs Sarah Williams et Karen Fennell, vidéaste Sabrina Ratté et acteur/réalisateur Marie Brassard entre autres